Excise duties compliance : distance selling alcoholic beverages in Estonia

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INTRASTAT brief insight – Estonia

See also :– VAT insight in Estonia– VAT rates in Estonia Source(s): https://www.stat.ee/foreign-trade Competent Authority : Statistics EstoniaTatari 5110134 Tallinn EstoniaTel: +372 625 9100 and +372 625 9300Email: klienditugi@stat.ee; stat@stat.ee Expected submission date : 14th natural day of the following month / next business day if WE or non working day https://www.stat.ee/public/vv_vk/kasiraamat-2020-en.pdf Usually starts when […]

VAT fiscal representative in Estonia

see also :– INTRASTAT in Estonia– VAT rates in Estonia Is fiscal representative compulsory in Estonia ? Estonia is a European Union Member State. If your business is established in another European Country appointing a tax agent or VA representative is not compulsory. Estonia yes REQUIRES a tax representative for non EU businesses. When and […]

VAT RATES – Estonia

see also :– VAT compliance in Estonia– Intrastat compliance in Estonia AGRICULTURE, FORESTRY AND FISHING Agricultural Inputs – Fertilisers VAT – standard rate : 20.00 % Agricultural Inputs – Pesticides and plant protection materials VAT – standard rate : 20.00 % Agricultural inputs VAT – standard rate : 20.00 % Cut flowers and plants for […]