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VAT Compliance


VAT (Value Added Tax) is a consumption tax, collected and paid by a tax liable person, borne by the final consumer applying on nearly all supplies of goods and services, charged to both consumers and businesses.

See our FAQ – frequently asked questions about Value Added Tax
See our VAT Compliance section for further details.

We offer services ont the following areas of compliance :

Registration :

Businesses trading across borders are often required to identify as non residents for tax purposes.
Default rule makes supplies VAT chargeable where delivery occurs. Some special cases and thresholds allow businesses avoiding to require a foreign VAT number. This is the moment in which you can appoint your local tax representative.
We help those cross trading businesses to figure out local duties when registration is compulsory.

Accounting :

We take care of VAT bookkeeping for collected and paid invoices, intra-community transactions, imports/exports. We allow local revenue administration to check at a later stage the compliance of local operations. As tax agents, we can account your foreign invoices.

Invoicing :

Each supply of a good or service generates an invoice, containing such information as the supplier’s VAT number, VAT amount payable, type of goods or service supplied, date of delivery, etc.
We help businesses invoicing following EU and local requirements.

Reporting :

Businesses liable to periodical VAT return for a local tax authority is expected to submit the amount of VAT collected on sales (‘output VAT’) or the amount of paid VAT on purchases made by their business (‘input VAT’), the resulting VAT amount is paid if positive and maybe claimed for refund if negative.


Excise duties


Delivering excisable products to particulars in another State is a real pain. Since 2015 we worked on a network of local suppliers (tax representatives for excise duties) allowing to deliver either beverages in suspension or released for free circulation.
Visit our section on beverages e-commerce compliance for details on distance sales and VAT tips.


Smart imports


Most foreign importers have VAT highly unbalanced : they pay VAT on import but cannot invoice VAT to local customers or sent goods to another country with VAT exemption. They sum up a consequent amount of VAT, and cannot wait to claim and receive VAT refund for months.

This generates loss of opportunities or may place at risk the business model.

1- Deferment : it is a customs scheme allowing a business (even a non-resident business) to import without paying VAT and some times even customs duties. Few countries have set some specific regulations to help local importers. For example:

2- Direct intra Community delivery from import : this scheme allows importer to benefit from VAT exemption, from a good entering the European customs territory.


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Our customers are talking about us :

“Everyone has or can have the technical skills!” But this ability to adapt to the existing team … BeCompliant has kept a level of responsiveness and creativity to meet the needs that arise throughout the administrative and technical process. We now make sure our e-sellers will comply with the tax, customs and accounting rules, deadlines, etc. in the countries in which we are ready. It’s true peace of mind. It also allows us to focus on the essentials. “

Benjamin ARCAMONE.

Discover our project

For who ?

Drinks and Co is the backbone of Pernod Ricard’s e-commerce activity.

The Pernod Ricard group is now number 2 in the world for wines and spirits, with 18,000 employees worldwide. Pernod Ricard is an international group listed on the CAC 40.


Since December 2018.

To do what ?

Participate in the setup of an IT / tax synergy with the ambitious objective of being the first marketplace offering a distance selling service that respects all tax, statistical and customs compliance standards.

Our results?

Establishment of an internet and external network of collaborators and upgrade of the internal software allowing the generation of documentation and reporting, in compliance with the rules and deadlines both fiscal and legal.

Behind the scenes

The context

Pernod Ricard wanted to move up a gear in the e-commerce segment, and called on BeCompliant to carry out a tax compliance outsourcing mission for its subsidiary Drinks and Co Marketplace.

Our vision

We are used to working in this kind of structured international group environment, organized with a strong deadline culture and a tailored IT system. We work according to the scope of defined services and different requests. The establishment of this type of relationship is also a story of trust.

Our answer

We work with the subsidiary’s IT and Management teams, as well as with other Group employees, if necessary. With complex operations and strong financial impacts, we are integrated into existing processes so as to maintain the fluidity of exchanges. Coordination with the various stakeholders is also key in this system. Our team has prioritized the maintenance of the subsidiary’s tools for various obligations.

Our strengths

Outsourcing of regulatory support (tax compliance).

Complementarity of the missions carried out by BeCompliant allowing to capitalize on the different skills: IT, customs, tax …

Building a lasting relationship of trust (relational).


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