INTRASTAT brief insight – Austria

See also :– VAT insight in Austria– VAT rates in Austria Source(s): Competent Authority : Bundesanstalt Statistik ÖsterreichGuglgasse 13 A-1110 WienTel.: +43 (1) 71128-0FAX: +43 (1) 711 28- 8001Email: (for general questions)Email: (for technical questions) Expected submission date : 10th business day of following month Usually starts when : When the […]

VAT fiscal representative in Austria

See also :– INTRASTAT in Austria– VAT rates in Austria Is fiscal representative compulsory in Austria ? Austria is a European Union Member State. If your business is established in another European Country appointing a tax agent or VA representative is not compulsory. Austria yes REQUIRES a tax representative for non EU businesses. When and […]