<strong> Striving on automating tax compliance since 2003- VAT and excise duties expert. </strong>

In the late 2018, I realized the benefits of a “machine” approach to tax common issues.

Automation is the solution, with AI or not, it can be reached only with a human team.

After 15 years in VAT compliance with different roles i constructed a strong network of proven professionals, advisers, lawyers, and customs forwarders.

I put all of this together and created “BeCompliant” in December of 2018, providing IT tools and relying on tax compliance experts in Europe and United States to offer our best practice to multi jurisdictional retailers, e-sellers, private or public entities.

BeCompliant has two main areas :

– tax compliance

> : informs about tax
VATExcise dutiesCustoms
> : is a common tax platform for customers and suppliers

– interstate workers compliance

> : informs about posted workers
> : is a platform for international contractors, undertakers and employees.
> : is a platform to require preliminar authorisation in different states.

Want to be part of our team?

If you are a tax professional with proven achievements in international tax compliance in your country, and are interested in being part of our team, contact us !

Benoît QUERNE.