Excise duties compliance : distance selling alcoholic beverages in Slovenia

See more content about compliance in Slovenia: * VAT compliance in Slovenia* VAT rates on products and services in Slovenia* INTRASTAT compliance in Slovenia See more content about excise duties : 1- Definition of “Alcoholic Beverages”2- From a tax point of view :2.1- Distance selling of alcoholic beverages2.2- Excise duties via local tax representative2.3- Calculate excise duties to pay […]

INTRASTAT brief insight – Slovenia

See also :– VAT insight in Slovenia– VAT rates in Slovenia Source(s): https://www.stat.si/StatWeb/en/StaticPages/Index/intrastat http://intrastat-surs.gov.si/ Competent Authority : Finančni Urad Nova GoricaSektor za carine Oddelek za IntrastatMednarodni prehod 2b Vrtojba SI-5290 Šempeter priGorici SloveniaTel.: +386 52 97 68 14Fax: +386 52 97 67 68Email: intrastat.fu@gov.siWebsite: http://intrastat-surs.gov.si/ Expected submission date : 15th natural day of following month, […]

VAT brief insight – Slovenia

see also :– INTRASTAT in Slovenia– VAT rates in Slovenia GENERIC INFORMATION Slovenia is a European Union Member State Main source :http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/tedb/legacy/taxDetail.html?id=3662/1426514522&taxType=VAT VAT local name :Davek na dodano vrednost(DDV) VAT number format in Slovenia :SI12345678 Date of introduction of VAT in Slovenia :1 July 1999 Local transposition of EU Directive :Value Added Tax Act – Zakon […]

VAT RATES -Slovenia

see also :– VAT compliance in Slovenia– Intrastat compliance in Slovenia AGRICULTURE, FORESTRY AND FISHING Agricultural Inputs – Fertilisers VAT – reduced rate : 9.50 % Agricultural Inputs – Pesticides and plant protection materials VAT – reduced rate : 9.50 % Agricultural inputs VAT – reduced rate : 9.50 % Cut flowers and plants for […]