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Competent Authority :

Service Intrastat
B.P. 304
L-2013 Luxembourg Tel: (+352) 247-84219
Fax: (+352) 46 42 89

Expected submission date :

16th business day of the following month  /

Usually starts when :

When the threshold is reached : following month

Notification to new PSI : YES

Usually ends with :

End of year following last due declaration

Does administration from Luxembourg reminds for non-submitted declaration ?

Luxembourg has an automated system for reminders?   YES

1st reminder : 8 calendar days (A first reminder is issued (the day) before the deadline  –  Larger PSIs are regularly contacted by phone.)

2nd reminder : 90 calendar days

3rd reminder : 180 calendar days – The third reminder is sent by registered letter.

Thresholds of intrastat exemption in Luxembourg :

Simplified declaration : EUR 150,000

Standard declaration : EUR 375,000

Extended declaration : 0

Simplified declaration : EUR 200,000

Standard declaration : EUR 375,000

Extended declaration : 0

Penalties for non-submitted or incomplete INTRASTAT declarations in Luxembourg :

Non submission : YES

Repetitive non-submission : YES

False or incomplete data : YES :  No penalties applied so far but the possibility to penalize PSIs is foreseen in the legislation.

Amount of penalties : from EUR 251 to EUR 2,500.

Intrastat submission with paper in Luxembourg :

for simplified declarations only : download for printing at

Service Intrastat Boîte postale 304
L-2013 Luxembourg Fax: 46 42 89

or by email for declarations in a format such as XML, excel, PDF or JPG at

Electronic submission of intrastat in Luxembourg :

The software for an electronic filing via IDEP can be downloaded from:

Corrective intrastat declarations in Luxembourg :

IDEP.WEB: option “Remplacer declaration”

Paper declarations : using the e a copy of the form submitted and correct the errors, write “Annule et remplace” and submit the form.

NIL intrastat declarations in Luxembourg :

YES – event if no activity (“NÉANT”)

VAT and intrastat compliance in Luxembourg

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