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Competent Authority :

Combined with other declaration ? :

Intrastat are combined with ECSL (goods and services) for fiscal purposes

Expected submission date :

25th natural day of the following month / next business day if WE or non working day

Usually starts when :

<50 000 € per quarter (supplies) : quarterly declarations

Traders submitting quarterly Intrastat declarations do not have to complete the statistical section of the (goods) declaration.

> 50 000 € on a quarter -> monthly declarations.

<100 000 € on each p

Notification to new PSI : NO

Usually ends with :

End of year following last due declaration

Does administration from Italy reminds for non-submitted declaration ?

Italy has an automated system for reminders?   NO

1st reminder : no

2nd reminder : no

3rd reminder : no

Thresholds of intrastat exemption in Italy :

Simplified declaration :

Standard declaration : EUR 200.000 on any past 4 quarters

Extended declaration :

Simplified declaration :

Standard declaration : EUR 50 000 / 100 000  on any past 4 quarters

Extended declaration :

Penalties for non-submitted or incomplete INTRASTAT declarations in Italy :

Non submission : YES

Repetitive non-submission : no

False or incomplete data : YES

Amount of penalties : from EUR 500 to EUR 5,146

Intrastat submission with paper in Italy :

not allowed

Electronic submission of intrastat in Italy :

-Mod. INTRA1: intra-EU supplies of goods (Intra1Bis) and services (Intra1Quater).

-Mod. INTRA2: intra-community purchases of goods (Intra2Bis) and services (Intra2Quater)

Corrective intrastat declarations in Italy :

Pay attention : very difficult to make modifications. Penalties may arise very easily.

NIL intrastat declarations in Italy :



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