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Competent Authority :

CISD de Lille
10, place Leroux de Fauquemont CS 30 003
59040 Lille CEDEX
Tel :
Mail :

CISD de Sarcelles
22 bis, avenue du 8 mai 1945
95200 Sarcelles

The competent customs center depends on the location of the head office.

Combined with other declaration ? :

Intrastat and ECSL (goods only) are combined in the DEB : Déclaration d’Échange de Biens (

Expected submission date :

10th business day of the following month.

Usually starts when :

When the threshold is reached : following month

Notification to new PSI : YES

Usually ends with :

End of year following last due declaration

Does administration from France reminds for non-submitted declaration ?

France has an automated system for reminders?   NO : All the reminders are sent by e mail by a human agent. The 3rd reminder can be completed by a phone call to the operator.

1st reminder : 1 calendar day

2nd reminder : 6 calendar days

3rd reminder : 9 calendar days

Thresholds of intrastat exemption in France :

Simplified declaration : EUR 1, up to  EUR 460.000

Standard declaration : > EUR 460.000

Extended declaration :

Simplified declaration :

Standard declaration : EUR 460.000

Extended declaration :

Penalties for non-submitted or incomplete INTRASTAT declarations in France :

Non submission : YES

Repetitive non-submission : YES

False or incomplete data : YES

Amount of penalties : from EUR 750  to a maximum of EUR 1,500 per declaration

Intrastat submission with paper in France :

DEB paper declarations must be sent to the relevant office (require authorisation first by contacting the authority):

Centre Interrégional de Saisie des Données de Lille
Port fluvial de Lille
10 place Leroux de Fauquement
59040 Lille

Electronic submission of intrastat in France :

Electronic filing of DEB is the DEFAULT declaration mode :

Corrective intrastat declarations in France :

Due date for correction : before the 31th December of the sixth year following the date of the relevant declaration

Traders must file corrective declarations in the following cases:

• dispatches declaration : fiscal value, regime code and VAT number of the customer;

• variation of more than EUR 8,000 of the value, or concerns an element other than value where this value exceeds EUR 16,000

NIL intrastat declarations in France :

YES – event if no activity (“mois sans déclaration”)

VAT and intrastat compliance in France

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