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Competent Authority :

Bundesanstalt Statistik Österreich
Guglgasse 13 A-1110 Wien
Tel.: +43 (1) 71128-0
FAX: +43 (1) 711 28- 8001
Email: (for general questions)
Email: (for technical questions)

Expected submission date :

10th business day of following month

Usually starts when :

When the threshold is reached : following month

Notification to new PSI : NO

Usually ends with :

End of year following last due declaration

Does administration from Austria reminds for non-submitted declaration ?

AT has an automated system for reminders? YES

1st reminder : 7 calendar days

2nd reminder : 32 calendar days

3rd reminder : no

Thresholds of intrastat exemption in Austria :

Simplified declaration : EUR 750 000

Standard declaration : EUR 12 000 000

Extended declaration : no

Simplified declaration : EUR 750 000

Standard declaration : EUR 12 000 000

Extended declaration : no

Penalties for non-submitted or incomplete INTRASTAT declarations in Austria :

Non submission : YES

Repetitive non-submission : YES

False or incomplete data : YES

Amount of penalties : from EUR 75 to EUR 1.090

Intrastat submission with paper in Austria :

Statistik Austria
Direktion Unternehmen
Guglgasse 13
1110 Wien

Electronic submission of intrastat in AT :

From 18th of February 2019 onwards, your declaration has to be submitted with the newly developed reporting tool “RTIC” which can be accessed via the Statistics Austria Portal (

A detailed description on how to access and use RTIC can be found in the Help-Document.

You can navigate to the Portal also via:

In case of technical questions regarding the access you might contact the helpdesk under +431 71128 8009 or via e-mail (see :

Corrective intrastat declarations in Austria :

Only “significant” errors must be reported, i.e. errors that involve more than EUR 1,000 (change in box 18 or 19) or if the units or weights (boxes 16 and 17) differ by more than 5% from the originally reported units or weights. The other boxes must be corrected only if the amount in box 19 exceeds EUR 1,000. A clearly marked copy of the originally submitted declaration is used as the corrected form and all changes must be clearly indicated.

A corrective declaration also must be submitted if any additional incoming or outgoing invoices for the relevant reporting period were received after the end of the period.

NIL intrastat declarations in Austria :

YES – event if no activity

VAT and intrastat compliance in Austria

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