Hire a freelance expert for your team

If your company does not need, or cannot afford a full-time VAT specialist, we can set up collaborative planning for you. This will enable you to reach your goals at your own rhythm.

STEP 1 – Contact us with your requirements

First of all, see the “contact” section and leave your request to be contacted. Furthermore, if possible, explain briefly what your requirements and needs are and the scope of your project(s).

STEP 2 – Define the job

Secondly, it is important that you already have an idea of what is the implication of your freelance specialist.
This means that your project or task list is already defined and even if some details are not already set, you already have a clear idea of
– the timeline of the project
– the number of hours per week/day/month that you need

Once your specialist has all the required information, (s)he will be able to quote and plan the corresponding tasks.

STEP 3 – Review proposal and conditions

Thirdly, at this stage, it is important to ensure both you and the specialist agree on the job to be executed and how it is to be executed. Also, timeline or planning should be set before you go any further. As a result, you and all involved will avoid any unpleasant surprises.
Once everything is defined you can sign a contract or even a written agreement laying down previously defined conditions.

STEP 4 – Get started

Fourthly, grant your specialist with the needed access to your premises, IT systems, etc.

Take time to introduce her/him to your existing team.

Make sure your team understands the role of the specialist within the project, consequently this will help you avoid any misunderstandings.

STEP 5 – Follow milestones via interviews

Finally, plan interviews to fixed dates to ensure the job is being realised as previously planned.


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